Gianluca Di Pasquale

1971, Rome


Born in Rome, Gianluca di Pasquale lives and works in Milan.


Gianluca di Pasquale studied painting at the Academy of Rome and the Academy of Granada in Spain and has exhibited internationally since 1999.


Gianluca Di Pasquale on his landscape paintings, "Generally my work starts from a photographic image, to which, in bringing it back into painting, I implement a sort of subtraction of the landscape. This process in itself becomes painting; an echo of the landscape remains, a sort of ghost predominantly present in my paintings. The blank canvas becomes the scenario where the characters orbit, and caught in the banality of their daily gestures they seem intent on a sort of cosmic soliloquy. At the same time they are the protagonists of this non-existent landscape. It is the people who create the space. White is the sum of all colours, it is light and therefore refers to a metaphysical component, to an idea of ​​infinity." 


A further series of work is dedicated to female portraits taken from the back, "To me the women in these portraits are much freer to express themselves, due to the impossibility of controlling a part of the body that remains unknown to them. These portraits seem to be able to capture a more intimate psychology of their subjects, displaying them without defenses, without filters. Their clothes become landscapes, the decorations, mantras or prayers that frame their essence as women." Gianluca di Pasquale



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